Commercial Heating Maintenance — Helpful Checklist For Property Owners

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You can save yourself from frequent repairs if you put your all into maintaining a commercial heater. Even if you're not an HVAC expert, you can still have success with maintenance if you review these suggestions.

Respond to Efficiency Issues Quickly

You could face many problems over the years with a commercial heater, but efficiency complications are some of the worst. That's because they can cost you a lot of money since your heater works harder than the manufacturer intended. 

Try to resolve efficiency issues as soon as possible, which won't be hard if you look for telltale signs. They include higher energy bills, loud noises, and long wait times for adequate heat. As long as you continue to monitor your heater for said issues, you can pick up on them quickly before you spend a lot of money on heating repairs. 

Don't Skimp Out on Professional Maintenance

After maintaining your commercial heater for several years, you may think you have maintenance down. Maybe you do. Still, it's important to work with an HVAC professional occasionally to ensure your heater runs great. They can get to parts you can't and perform more detailed inspections.

To maximize their services, do your best to set up an appropriate tune-up schedule with an HVAC contractor. It will depend on your type of heater and how you use it in your commercial property throughout the months. When in doubt, ask your technician what the best tune-up schedule would be.

Don't Let the Duct System Get Too Dirty

It's common for your commercial property's duct system to get dirty every so often. However, if it gets too dirty with debris and other particles, you could face inefficiency issues that ultimately decrease the heater's life span. As such, do your best to keep the duct system clean consistently.

Simple things you can do yourself include swapping out the air filter and cleaning the vents. For thorough cleaning, you can hire a company to remove everything that has collected inside your ducts over the years. Routine cleaning services are available too if you want consistency. 

Commercial heating maintenance is good to take an interest in because when you do, you'll have an easier time keeping major components — such as the air filter and ductwork — in better condition. Then, regardless of what type of heater you rely on, it will work optimally and efficiently for many years. 

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20 June 2023

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