PVC-Coated Fabric Is Practical

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Fabric is used in a lot of settings. You can see it in tents, awnings, outdoor furniture, and a wide variety of other places. One problem that fabric has is that it is relatively fragile and will start to break down when it is exposed to weather and other things for too long. There are ways to get around that. One of them is to use something like PVC-coated fabrics. 

17 May 2022

Precautions To Take When Purchasing Refurbished Parts For Wafer Steppers

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Thanks to wafer steppers, patterns can be projected across substrates in a controlled manner. If you have said machine and are looking for refurbished replacement parts as to save money, take these precautions. Don't Get Refurbished Parts Confused With Used It's important to not get confused with the difference between used and refurbished wafer stepper parts. There is a key distinction and that is refurbished parts for wafer steppers have been restored in some way.

3 March 2022