PVC-Coated Fabric Is Practical

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Fabric is used in a lot of settings. You can see it in tents, awnings, outdoor furniture, and a wide variety of other places. One problem that fabric has is that it is relatively fragile and will start to break down when it is exposed to weather and other things for too long. There are ways to get around that. One of them is to use something like PVC-coated fabrics

PVC-Coated Fabric

This fabric is basically exactly what it sounds like. It is a fabric that has been treated with a thin layer of PVC so that it is stronger and more durable. PVC isn't the only coating that can be used on fabric to get the same basic results. Things like epoxies, resins, acrylic, and polyethylene are also used as coatings for fabrics, depending on the use of the material. The reason to use coatings instead of using fibers that are woven into the material is that coating the material gives more coverage than weaving a protective fiber into the fabric. When the material is being woven, any protective fibers are going to be going under and over the other fibers, which can also create stress points. Coating the material gets rid of those weak points and makes sure that everything is protected. The coating will be able to sink down into the fabric and coat everything. 


One place that PVC-coated fabric gets used is in awnings. Awnings need to be able to stand up to the weather and still look good. PVC coatings will let the beauty of the material continue to shine through even though many, many hours of UV light pounding down on the awning. UV is notorious for fading material and can weaken it which will cause it to rot and fall apart. Using coated fabric for awnings will also make them waterproof, which means that people can still sit under the awnings when it is raining outside without getting wet. A waterproof awning over your patio or porch means that you can still enjoy your outdoor space in the rain. For a restaurant, it would mean that they can still have customers dining outside. 

Coating material with PVC makes it more usable in a lot of places. Uncoated material isn't as strong or long-lasting, which often means that it's not as practical as a coated material would be. For more information, look to a PVC-coated fabric supplier near you.


17 May 2022

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