Precautions To Take When Purchasing Refurbished Parts For Wafer Steppers

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Thanks to wafer steppers, patterns can be projected across substrates in a controlled manner. If you have said machine and are looking for refurbished replacement parts as to save money, take these precautions.

Don't Get Refurbished Parts Confused With Used

It's important to not get confused with the difference between used and refurbished wafer stepper parts. There is a key distinction and that is refurbished parts for wafer steppers have been restored in some way. Maybe some of their materials were replaced or they were updated with new systems.

Whereas with used wafer stepper parts, they are left in the same condition. You thus need to make sure your sights are set on refurbished wafer stepper parts in particular because then you can get better performance out of said parts, whether it's a wafer alignment system or reduction lens.

Buy From the Same Vendor Once Part Quality is Proven 

Once you're able to find a wafer stepper vendor that has proven to you they can supply quality refurbished parts that don't have any issues, you want to continue buying from them. That will help you keep your wafer stepper performing optimally because refurbished part quality will be the same.

It also might be possible to build a meaningful relationship with a wafer stepper part supplier that deals with this refurbishing process, thus gaining access to better deals and expedited shipping. Then each time you need to replace components on your wafer stepper with refurbished components, you won't be worried about a difficult process. 

Review Quality Control Measures

Before you order refurbished wafer stepper parts, it's a good idea to make sure ample testing and inspections are performed to the parts you're buying. They'll give you more assurances as far as quality and performance of said components.

You can find out more about these practices by asking a vendor like Lithography Solutions, LLC about their quality control measures. How are refurbished parts examined after they're restored in a meaningful way? Are performance tests also conducted with real wafer steppers? You need to know these things so that you can feel good about your specific orders with a wafer stepper part supplier.

You can find a lot of refurbished parts for wafer steppers today, including reticle loaders, illumination systems, and wafer loaders. Whatever type of refurbished parts you need for this system, make sure you take the right measures that keep you protected and lined up with quality parts. 


3 March 2022

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