Situations Where Your Facility May Need Interior Protection

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Whether your facility processes food, handles sensitive products like computer parts, or performs lab testing, you need to be able to control the environment and keep it free of dust and other contaminants. So when you have a construction project or similar situation, you'll need some type of protection. Here are a few examples of situations where you may need interior protection services for your facility.

1. Mold cleanup

If you have mold cleanup in the ceiling space of your facility or elsewhere in the building, you'll want to ensure any non-affected areas stay that way. You'll want to seal off the mold cleanup area with a complete interior protection system including a ceiling wrap and airtight construction wall barriers, to ensure mold spores don't travel around your facility and grow into additional mold problems.

2. Drywall installation

Construction projects that involve dusty scenarios such as drywall installation will require interior protection to prevent dust from spreading throughout your facility. This is especially important if you have sensitive products or materials that shouldn't get dusty, or if you have employees working in your facility, as too much drywall dust can pose a health risk to employees. In any case, protecting your facility from drywall dust can help save a lot of cleaning later.

3. Painting

Painting jobs can involve paint splatter that interior protection products such as construction wall barriers can protect against. And like drywall installation, painting jobs can also create dust if they include dusty procedures such as sanding. You may need an entire interior protection system to contain the dust from sanding. The extent and other details of the paint job will dictate what level of protection you need.

4. Re-roofing

One of the problems with re-roofing your building is that the roof is above all your interior spaces, and the vibrations can cause dust and debris to filter down into the usable areas of your facility. This can especially be a problem if your facility is a warehouse-style building that doesn't have a solid, airtight ceiling and attic floor. In this type of situation, you'll want to use interior protection to contain any potential contaminants that could otherwise get into your facility from the roof area.

These are some of the situations in which your facility may require an interior protection system. Get in touch with an interior protection services company today to discuss the levels of protection you'll need for an upcoming construction project or similar situation.

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11 November 2021

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