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A company that provides fire safety services may be responsible for inspecting sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and other aids that are located inside of several businesses. Fire inspection software will streamline the recording of vital information and will allow you to notify your technicians and customers about impending inspections and repairs.

Recorded Information and Inconsistencies

If your employees have been relying upon their personal notes and spreadsheets to keep track of service appointments, the information that has been recorded may be incomplete or hard to decipher. If there are a lot of customers to serve, there could be occurrences when an inspection becomes past due and equipment isn't serviced as it should be. This type of situation could result in faulty equipment being inside of a business. 

A Simpler Approach

A fire inspection software program will provide you and your employees with a streamlined way to record and access critical information. Customer names, addresses, fire safety equipment, and inspection results can be recorded with the aid of a software program. Upcoming appointments can be scheduled and classified by date. This process will ensure that no inspection requirements are overlooked.

In addition, you and your workers will be able to backtrack and review information about past service appointments. If a problem arises and one of the pieces of fire safety equipment was previously inspected, the person who is aiding a customer will be able to access details about the safety device. This information can help a technician determine what may need to be done to remedy the issue.

Some Supportive Features

A fire inspection software program that allows access from multiple devices can be utilized by everyone in your business. This type of software may contain a messaging feature. The messaging feature can be used to notify your employees about any upcoming appointments or changes in inspection procedures. If your employees are dealing with time constraints or are responsible for onsite duties and service calls, they will be able to better manage their time by being able to access pertinent details each day.

At the beginning of a shift, they can use the software to see what is on their agenda and can prioritize their duties. If you purchase software that contains a section that can be set up for customer access, your clients will have a direct way to get in touch with you or one of your employees. They can message a staff member about any issues that they are experiencing with a fire suppression device.

To learn more about fire inspection software, contact companies like InspectNTrack.


1 November 2021

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