How To Properly Protect Hydraulic Cylinders From Fluid Contamination

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A common source of failure for hydraulic cylinders is fluid contamination. It can happen for a couple of reasons and usually results in seals wearing down. If you want to keep contamination at bay for a long time, then here are some measures you can take.

Set Up Protective Boots

External contamination is a possibility for hydraulic cylinders that are exposed to the elements outside. They won't be a major factor for causing leakage issues if you can protect this part of your cylinders, which is the main function of protective boots.

They are rubber covers that you can slip over hydraulic cylinders, giving them plenty of protection from the outside elements. They can help protect against dirt, debris, and other sources of contamination found outside. You just need to get a boot that fits your hydraulic cylinders perfectly.

Continue to Change Out Filter Elements

Your hydraulic cylinders will require oil to stay lubricated, but this substance can collect debris and other things that could cause contamination. You'll be able to treat possible contaminants by making sure you continue to change out your cylinders' filter elements.

Filters may vary in shape and size, but if you know when to change them out, you'll continue getting optimal filtering performance by keeping contaminants from destroying parts like hydraulic seals. Once you identify the right filter-changing schedule, you can just maintain it over the years.

Make Sure Seals Are Fully Compatible with Fluids

Your hydraulic cylinders will have seals to keep fluid from leaking, but they can only perform these duties effectively if they're properly rated to support the fluids in your hydraulic cylinders. If they aren't, then they'll break down and that's more than likely going to result in contamination.

Whether you're purchasing hydraulic seals for the first time or buying a replacement set, verify that they can hold up to the liquids that your hydraulic cylinders support. Then you'll just need to make sure these parts are set up correctly to keep fluid contamination to a minimum over the years.

Contamination is one of the worst things that can happen to hydraulic cylinders because it severely impacts performance. It can get to the point of causing leaks. If you do everything you can to keep contamination from happening, then these hydraulic components will be able to maintain the right performance levels and power capabilities for key systems that rely on them. Reach out to the staff at a shop like Miller Hydraulics Service, Inc for more information about hydraulic cylinders. 


21 October 2021

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