Reasons To Use Quad Rings When Sealing Components

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Quad rings are used for sealing in systems that need fluid separation, such as in hydraulic equipment. They have a unique makeup -- featuring four lobes -- that helps them form an effective seal. If you're looking for rings you can depend on to prevent fluid transfer in your equipment, then it will benefit you to know that quad rings are one of the better available choices. 

Quad rings can offer you the following advantages:

They Can Slide in Dynamic Systems

If you have a system that will produce dynamic movement, then you need special rings that can allow for this movement too. Quad rings are superior in this way because they can slide. That will ensure proper sealing is still maintained regardless of movement. 

Even if surrounding parts need to move, the quad rings can move with them while still creating a tight seal that enables the system to work. So long as the quad rings are set up correctly in the first place, they will maintain a tight seal preventing fluid from flowing past them even as they slide back and forth inside the equipment. 

They are Resistant to Spiral Failure

One thing you don't want to happen to your sealing rings after they're set up is spiraling. Spiraling damage will render them useless. If you use quad rings on components, you can trust that spiral failure will be resisted.

Quad rings' four lobes keep the rings in place after they're set up, which helps prevent degradation. So, regardless of what type of dynamic activity your quad rings experience, they will resist spiraling and subsequently take longer to break down from normal wear and tear. 

They Experience Less Friction

If your sealant rings experience a lot of friction, they can wear down quickly. Friction between the rings and surrounding components can also damage the components. Properly installed quad rings can help you prevent damage caused by friction.

Quad rings have very deep grooves that are designed to keep friction at bay. One particular groove is designed to allow for lubrication, which is key to preventing excessive friction. You'll still want to inspect your rings periodically, but for the most part, friction won't be a chronic issue you have to face on a regular basis.

If you are using equipment that can benefit from the use of quad rings, find a good quad ring supply company that carries rings that will work well for your equipment. 


20 October 2021

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