4 Great Tips To Keep A Machine Shop Safe And Efficient

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A machine shop is like an ecosystem all itself, with people and machines working together. While it is an environment that many machinists enjoy, it can easily turn unbearable if proper precautions and procedures are not implemented. It is imperative that every machine shop is proactive about keeping their workers safe and their work procedures efficient so that things go as smoothly as possible. For a few invaluable tips as to how to go about this, check out the suggestions below.

Keep Workstations Clear

While the resident neat freak might seem obnoxious at times, they always have a point when it comes to machine shops. If workstations aren't clear and things aren't organized in a very specific way, then safety is inherently compromised. This might seem like an exaggeration, but one misplaced part can cause serious trouble in worse case scenarios. Before anything else, know where your tools are, and keep them in the right place at the right time.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

There's nothing simpler than wearing the appropriate clothing while working in a machine shop, and yet many people still fail to pay adequate attention to this important safety factor. You should avoid wearing rings, jewelry, loose-fitting clothing and open toe shoes. Even if you consider yourself an experienced machinist with hundreds of hours spent in a shop, your familiarity won't necessarily prevent an injury from occurring. Fortunately, there are plenty of clothing options available for machinists that won't put them in harm's way. 

Require Extensive Training

It is tempting if you are in a management position in a machine shop to become a little too relaxed about training. It is only natural the more experienced you become to not place an emphasis on things you think might be common knowledge or obvious truths. Unfortunately, this usually results in employees making mistakes that are not only extremely costly but entirely preventable as well. Invest time in training for both new and experienced employees, and you are guaranteed to see your shop become more efficient. 

Don't Interfere with Protective Measures

Protective measures are in place on every machine to keep workers safe and the machines themselves operating smoothly. It may be tempting if a machine seems to malfunction to remove those pesky protective guards (or other types of preventative measures), but rest assured that the risk is never worth the reward. In fact, doing so often causes greater problems than the original one the worker was trying to fix. 


21 August 2017

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