Iron Fencing And Privacy: Three Ways To Add Privacy Without Obstructing Appearance

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When you have an iron fence installed for your home, it is meant to be an attractive solution. Iron fencing looks great, but it may provide little privacy. You may want to consider privacy solutions like adding green screens with plants or custom ironwork that limits visibility. Here are a few ways to give iron fencing privacy without sacrificing appearance:

1. Custom Iron and Metalwork Fence Designs That Limit Visibility

Conventional iron fencing is generally done with square vertical bars, which provide little privacy. Custom metalwork can be done to change the shape of the vertical fence posts and reduce visibility. The reduced visibility will provide your home with more privacy. In addition, you may want to consider ironwork that uses larger materials like custom designed plates or decorative patterns that reduce visibility and provide more privacy for your home.

2. Using Green Screens with Plants Behind an Iron Fence for Privacy

Green screens are plants that are located in a line to provide a privacy barrier. With iron fencing, plants like shrubs can be planted behind the fence to provide you with the privacy that you want. Climbing plants like ivy and vines can also be good, but they have the downside of covering the iron fencing. Any green screens that you plant near your fence will also require regularly care, such as pruning and irrigation. Other plants like large rose bushes are attractive, but will not be green and full during the winter months, but provide beautiful flowers throughout the warm months of the year. 

3. Custom Designs with Metal And Other Materials To Provide More Privacy

Custom fence designs can also combine metalwork with other materials. A good solution for more privacy is to combine a custom iron fence with hardwood materials to create a solid fence that limits visibility. Other materials to consider are glass with fogged finish or metal materials. There is also the option of using synthetic plant materials, which will not need maintenance like living plants used for green screens.

When it comes time to add a fence and privacy to your home, iron fencing is a good choice and some of these tips to ensure it still looks great. Contact a custom ironwork service to help with your fencing project and talk with them about custom metalwork designs to give your home the privacy you want. For more information, contact a business such as


26 April 2017

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