Crucial Home Maintenance Steps For Your Air Compressor


Air compressors are often fairly carefree and hardworking tools, but like many other tools and machines, they can require a little care and cleaning from time to time if you want to maximize their workability and longevity. Here are a few critical steps to take for proper air compressor maintenance.

1. Filter and oil changes

Filter and oil changes are a part of regular maintenance on your air compressor just as on your car. You don't commute to work every day in your air compressor, though, so it's unlikely to need them quite so frequently. Simply check the pump's oil level occasionally (especially if you've been using the machine a lot or haven't used it at all in months) and inspect it visually for dirt and debris to determine if it needs to be topped off or replaced. Changing air filters once or twice per year should be sufficient if you don't use the machine much; otherwise, check occasionally and replace them when they become clogged.

2. Cleaning

A machine that pulls in a lot of air can also attract a lot of dust, so you'll want to dust, wipe, and vacuum various parts of your air compressor from time to time. Points of particular interest include:

  • Intake vents
  • Heat exchangers

The rest of the tank can also be given a once-over while you're at it, but these parts should be kept especially clean to ensure that the machine can function efficiently and without overheating or malfunctioning.

3. Draining/cleaning air tank and fuel tank

You'll want to occasionally drain out the fuel tank and clean out the engine (not necessary more than once every year or two). In addition, the air tank needs to be emptied occasionally. This is because humidity can collect and the tank can start to fill up with water (faster if the air it's using is humid). Draining the water is important and should be done using the drainage valve while the tank is empty of compressed air.

These tips will help you keep your air compressor in great shape. Remember, one of your best resources for taking care of and even repairing any machine is its own user manual. If your user manual contains instructions counter to those you read online, you should stick with the manual because your compressor may be a different model that has different requirements; also, caring for things incorrectly can sometimes void their warranty, so sticking with the manual is safest. Contact a tech, like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., for more help.


21 March 2017

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