Keep Your Employees Safe And Save Time Using Industrial Internet For Your Cranes

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If you have a business that uses cranes, you know how much knowledge it takes for your employees to run them safely and efficiently. With technology, things can be much easier on you, such as with industrial Internet, also known as Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of physical objects, such as sensors, that enable the sensors to collect and exchange data. The sensors are embedded into the cranes that your company uses. Below is some basic information on how using this technology can save your company times and keep your employees safe.

Provides Safety

Crane safety is very important because they often carry very huge loads, and may even be carrying dangerous things. If a problem happens while the cranes are transferring loads, it would result in a very serious accident with the crane drivers, as well as anyone or anything that is close to them.

For example, using IoT the operators can report any problems with their crane immediately, which makes the cranes much safer to use. The crane will also know what the load is they are lifting, and the position of the crane. The crane can then take the load to the correct place, as well as plan the quickest route during the transfer. This allows them to avoid people and/or obstacles that may be in their way.

Saves Time

The industrial Internet helps you save time because it minimizes risk associated with using cranes. Cranes that have these sensors allow them to know their own status, and to detect if there are any problems, such as if the brakes need to be repaired or replaced, or if the battery is going bad. The cranes will also know the amount of time they have left to run before they need maintenance. They monitor their status and informs the employee if there is anything wrong.

The cranes can also provide your employees with feedback on how they should be used. This will keep employees from using the equipment in the wrong way, which could cause problems, resulting in downtime. The cranes can also predict and prevent problems from happening due to their awareness and intelligence.

Both of these things can also save your company a lot of money, as it costs if accidents happen and when it is downtown. Consider moving your company forward into this technology so you can enjoy all of these benefits. Visit for more information.


12 April 2016

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