3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Oil Tank

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A warm home is a luxury that modern homeowners have come to take for granted. In areas where heating services is provided by a fuel source like heating oil, storage tanks play an integral role in the safe and efficient heating of residential properties.

It can be easy to overlook the condition of your oil tank, but investing some time and effort into the maintenance of this component can help you prevent serious problems with your heating system in the future.

1. Test Your Tank

You should have a fuel professional evaluate the condition of your oil tank on a regular basis. Careful monitoring and testing of the oil tank's performance can help you identify potential problems early so that you can make repairs before a disaster strikes.

Specialized ultrasonic equipment can be used to collect data on both above ground and underground oil tanks. Tracking the thickness of your tank's walls, the level of corrosion within the tank, and volume capacity over time will help you spot performance fluctuations with ease.

2. Monitor Feed Lines

The feed lines that deliver oil from your storage tank to your home's heating device play a major role in the overall efficiency of your residential heating system. These lines should be carefully monitored to ensure that they remain in good condition at all times.

Older feed lines should be replaced with modern sleeved oil lines instead. These improved feed lines are less likely to contribute to leakage that might contaminate the soil and groundwater stores near your oil tank. Intact feed lines are also required to prevent contaminants from finding their way into your oil tank over time.

3. Maintain Oil Supplies

You should strive to keep a sufficient level of oil in your storage tank at all times. The volume of oil needed to prevent your tank from malfunctioning can vary based on your geographic location and average temperatures, so you should ask a fuel professional for advice.

Working together with your local fuel provider, you can create an oil delivery schedule that will help you meet your storage goals. Many customers find that a cash-on-delivery (COD oil) system works best, especially if oil use fluctuates throughout the winter season. 

Residential heating systems that rely on oil as a fuel source can be important assets to modern homeowners. Ensure that your storage tank remains functional by investing in regular inspections, monitoring feed lines, and maintaining a sufficient supply of oil within the tank at all times.


1 January 2019

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