3 Important Characteristics For Cardboard Cores

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Products that come on a roll are typically wound around a cardboard or plastic film core. These cores might seem like an afterthought, but they play an important role in the production and function of rolled products.

A cardboard core must embody certain characteristics to ensure that it does not stand in the way of product use after the winding process is complete. Identifying these characteristics will help you gain a greater appreciation for the vital role cardboard cores play in modern manufacturing.

1. Minimal Roughness and Surface Waving

If you examine a cardboard core closely once the product wound around the core has been removed, you will see that these cores are constructed using cardboard that has a smooth surface. It is critical that cardboard cores have minimal roughness and surface waving so that they can perform properly once they come off the production line.

Any abnormalities in the surface of the cardboard core could negatively affect rotational speed once the core (and the product it contains) has been installed. Any cardboard cores that don't meet strict smoothness guidelines are discarded prior to winding.

2. Straight Edges

Cardboard cores are typically produced in long lengths, then cut to the proper size based on the dimensions of the product that will be wound around each core. While this can be an economical way to mass produce cardboard cores, it also opens the door for errors when it comes to the straightness of the cut edges.

Uneven edges can cause snags or tears when the paper or plastic product that will be housed on the core is wound. Straight edges are a must when it comes to cardboard cores.

3. High Winding Speed

Another characteristic that is critical to the performance of a cardboard core is the winding speed of the core. This winding speed is directly related to the strength of the core itself.

The core must have enough structural stability to retain its cylindrical shape while subjected to the external pressure of the winding process. Winding occurs very rapidly, and only the structurally sound cardboard cores have the speed necessary to withstand the production process.

A cardboard core with the right characteristics can act as a valuable tool in making products that come on a role more accessible. The creation of cardboard cores is a complex process, but one that produces high quality cores that can be utilized in many different industries.


2 October 2018

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