How To Find A Metal Fabrication Shop That's Right For You

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There are a vast number of metal fabrication shops in the United States, and even at the local level, the process of choosing one over another can often seem more like guesswork than anything else. But if you want to make an educated decision before selecting a fabrication shop, keep reading to discover just a few tips for finding a metal fabrication shop that won't disappoint.


One of the first things you should do when comparing various fabrication shops is ask for references. A company that is confident in its work and the resulting product won't hesitate to give you a list of past customers who have ordered work that is similar to what you're seeking. If possible, try to locate customers who have had work done several years ago, and ask them about how their purchase has held up against the test of time. In addition to the quality of the product, you should ask about the shop's customer service, and whether they actively value and seek to maintain long term relationships with their customers. 

Design Services

Some metal fabrication companies also offer design services, but many do not. Another question you will want to ask right away is if the shop is capable of creating a design in-house. If not, you will have to pay for initial design work yourself, and then bring it to the shop. Even then, you will want to make sure that the shop is able to take your digital or printed copy and convert it to a design that holds up to universal fabrication standards. And if a shop does offer design services, factor that into the cost when you budget.  

Production Specifics

Finally, you will want to make a list of all of the materials and services your project will require. Then ask the shops you are comparing if they have experience dealing with those specific materials, down to exact thicknesses and grades of quality. You will also want to ensure that the shop offers all the services that will be used in the process of producing your order, whether it be metal finishing, welding, fastening or installation. Even if a fabrication shop does not offer a wide range of materials or services, it doesn't mean that it won't be a great fit for your project. Many small fabricators serve niche markets and offer top quality materials with excellent customer service.  Contact a business, such as Suburban Welding & Steel LLC, for more information. 


11 June 2016

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